• Our Business

Our Business

To bring delicious food from all over the world
to dining tables all across Japan.

KOHYO, which started as a seafood import trading company, has continued to develop as a general food trading company.
Its strength is in its extensive network that reaches around the world.

  • We import and sell seafood
    from all over the world
    through our own network.

    We import natural and aquaculture products from oceans around the world and deliver them to markets, wholesalers, wholesaler stores, marine product processing plants, restaurant chains, food manufacturers, and mass retailers, and the like nationwide. We provide a stable supply of safe and high-quality products through our unique network around the world. Additionally, we are at the forefront of pioneering new production areas. We aim to contribute to Japanese food culture by making speedy and wide-ranging proposals for diversifying needs with our high expertise.

  • We import and sell safe and secure agricultural and livestock products
    in cooperation with production sites in various countries.

    We import meat, such as poultry, pork, and beef and vegetables from around the world and deliver them to wholesalers, processors, and restaurant chains nationwide. By building closer partnerships with production sites in each country, we ensure that we deliver safe and high-quality agricultural and livestock products.

  • We export and sell food products that
    meet their needs to
    countries around the world.

    We export and sell seafood, processed seafood, and seasonings to markets in North America, Europe, and China. With bases established in each country, we are catching up on local trends and expanding the market. We also conduct research on overseas expansion and formulate plans for new businesses, such as overseas investments and partnerships with overseas companies.

  • A sales base in Japan that
    builds a relationship of trust and
    has an eye on the future for KOHYO.

    A sales base in Japan that envisions the future of KOHYO while communicating closely with business partners such as restaurant chains, mass retailers, eateries, and retail stores.

  • SeafoodBusiness Division

    Frozen Fish Group

    We import frozen fish from all over the world.
    We offer safe products, and the like with advanced processing.

    The Frozen Fish Group buys and sells frozen fish from the world's oceans. In order to ensure that even elderly people in hospitals and elderly health facilities can eat with sense of security, we also offer highly processed products, including boneless fillets and precision-required commercial fillets. We are also actively engaged in developing products such as the pickled fish range.

    • Frozen Fish Team

      We maintain close relationships with the KOHYO Group such as KOHYO AMERICA and KOHYO HOLLAND, as well as producers in various countries, and sell frozen fish that is caught around the world. We are in charge of everything from procurement to the sale of raw materials, including round and dress fish, fillets, slice cuts, and butterfly-cut fish products.

      < Products >

      Black cod, spanish mackerel, mackerel, greenland halibut, redfish, butterfly-cut sillaginidae, horse mackerel, yellowfin sole, silver warehou, hoki, and other frozen fish in general

    • Processed Fish Team

      We handle processed products for frozen fish in general, and manufacture and sell fillets including boneless fillets, grilled fish, simmered fish, seasoned products, frozen prepared products, and other products. We respond quickly and widely to diversifying needs such as quality, price, and stable supply by consistently processing production from raw material procurement to products.

      < Products >

      Spanish mackerel, mackerel, salmon, arrowtooth flounder, redfish, pollock, yellowfin sole, horse mackerel, hoki, and others

    • Frozen Salmon Team

      We handle frozen raw materials and value-added products for salmon and trout. We import natural and farmed salmon and trout, and fish and eggs from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Chile in cooperation with KOHYO AMERICA, the North America base of KOHYO Group as well as KOHYO HOLLAND, the European base of the group. We sell those products to markets, wholesalers, and manufacturers all over Japan.


      Coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, trout, trout salmon, atlantic salmon, king salmon

  • SeafoodBusiness Division

    Sales Promote Group

    We handle a wide range of products, from fresh to frozen products, and are expanding our sales channels in Japan.

    The Sales Promote Group aims to quickly and stably supply products to mass retailers, restaurant chains, and other customers by handling fresh seafood with high freshness and manufacturing products that meet quality standard and market needs.

    • Fresh Fish Team

      The fresh fish team handles fresh seafood with high freshness by air transportation. We keep in close contact with suppliers around the world by phone and email, and provide fast and stable supplies to our customers such as processors and retailers without compromising on freshness. In the future, we aim to handle fresh products other than our main product of salmon.

      < Products >

      Atlantic salmon, king salmon, trout salmon, monkfish liver, and more

    • Mass Retailer & Food Services Team

      We manufacture and sell products for mass retailers and restaurant chains nationwide. We strive to offer products by integrating processes from product prototyping to full-scale production at our partner factories in Japan and overseas, import, and sales by drawing on rapidly changing food trends and market needs.

      < Products >

      Agriculture, livestock and marine raw materials, general processed products

  • SeafoodBusiness Division

    Shrimp Group

    We sell various types of shrimp purchased
    from various countries to all over Japan.

    The shrimp group imports and sells various types of shrimp from suppliers mainly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. We divide our team into shelled shrimp and peeled shrimp, and provide our products to wholesalers, mass retailers, restaurant chains, and frozen food manufacturers throughout Japan from procurement of raw materials to sales of products.

    • Shrimp Team

      We handle both head-on and headless shrimp from various countries including India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, and Argentina. We achieve a stable supply of safe and high-quality products through cultivated know-how and information networks around the world.

      < Products >

      Shelled shrimp in general, shrimp for raw consumption, other processed products (black tiger, vannamei, argentine red shrimp, white shrimp, flower shrimp, sea tiger, bamboo, northern pink shrimp, spot prawn, small shrimp, and others)

    • Processed Shrimp Team

      We provide processed shrimp products such as aquaculture and natural PD & PUD shrimp, nobashi ebi, and cooked PD & PUD produced and processed in various production areas mainly in Southeast Asia. We have built a system that can respond immediately to the changing needs of our customers every day. We deliver safe and secure food to restaurants and frozen food manufacturers.

      < Products >

      PD & PUD shrimp, other processed shrimp products (nobashi ebi, sushi ebi, cooked PD & PUD)

  • SeafoodBusiness Division

    Shellfish & Mollusc Group

    We provide seafood such as crabs, lobsters, squid, octopus, fish roe, shellfish, sea urchin, and eel.
    We are also focusing on expanding our original products.

    Our Shellfish & Mollusc group has procurement routes for natural resources from around the world. In addition to raw materials, we are working to improve our production technology with carefully selected factories. We have a wide range of products such as squid sashimi. We are expanding our own brand products that are focused on freshness, such as whole Canadian snow crab.

    • Crab & Lobster Team

      Sales of large crustacean raw materials and processed products. We provide the same high quality to our many long-time customers, in addition to providing a stable supply of carefully selected products from all over the world (North, Central and South America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and others) to all over Japan.

      < Products >

      Various production areas boil/frozen raw snow crab raw materials, each production area boil/frozen raw red king crab raw materials, crab products (cut crab packs, packaging boxes, peeled products, and others) Various production areas lobster/homard lobster, swimming crab, soft shell crab

    • Octopus & Squid Team

      We sell raw materials and processed products for squid, octopus, and fish eggs that are caught around the world. We always provide high-quality, safe and secure products by focusing on the selection of processing plants. We also develop high-value-added products, and through them we aim to contribute to Japanese food culture.

      < Products >

      Squids (cuttlefish, spear squid, bigfin reef squid, common squid, jumbo flying squid, and others)
      Octopi (common octopus, octopus dofleini, striped octopus, octopus ocellatus, and others)
      Fish roe (capelin roe, loose herring roe, flying fish roe, and others)

    • Shellfish Team

      We sell shellfish, sea urchin, eel raw materials and processed products. We supply carefully selected products from around the world based on domestic and international market research, and aim to become a specialist in shellfish, eel, and sea urchin products by enhancing our expertise.

      < Products >

      Frozen shellfish (clams, abalone, scallops, etc.), eel kabayaki products (Chinese/domestic), frozen sea urchins

  • SeafoodBusiness Division

    Seafood Import Group

    We are at the forefront of negotiations with countries around the world
    for the purchase of high-precision seafood.

    The Seafood Import Group is a specialized team dedicated to the import and purchase of seafood. We demonstrate our expertise in overseas information collection, purchase negotiations, and the development of procurement sources, and achieve highly accurate purchases in conjunction with the domestic market analysis of each salesperson. We have long led pioneering initiatives in highly volatile marine product markets.

    • Frozen Fish Team

      We import frozen seafood from all over the world. Areas of responsibility include Europe (Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and others), North America (the United States, Canada), Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand, and others), and South America (Chile, Peru, and others). We aim to make profitable purchases by going to and interacting with a wide range of countries.

      < Products >

      Frozen fish such as black cod, mackerel, flounder, redfish, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, sockeye salmon and their fillets and slice cuts.

    • Shellfish & Mollusc Team

      We import and purchase crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs as well as cephalopods such as squid and octopus that are caught and produced in various countries around the world. We negotiate with suppliers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania, fulfilling our mission of being at the forefront of gathering information and realizing better product purchases. We are also taking on the challenge of importing new products from new countries with no track record.

      < Products >

      Crustaceans such as shrimp, crabs, lobsters, cephalopods such as squid and octopus, and other fish roe such as capelin roe

  • Agribusiness Division

    Agrifood Group

    We carefully select and deliver high-quality and safe agricultural products and
    fruit from around the world.

    We import agricultural products such as frozen, fresh, dried, and boiled products from China, Europe, and Asian countries, and we purchase domestic products from each production area to meet the needs of all customers. During the harvesting and manufacturing periods, we go to the site to provide production guidance and thorough quality control to ensure safe and secure products.

    • Retailer Sales Team

      We have established a system in which we can supply optimal products from all over the world in order to respond to the needs of customers of various business groups such as restaurant chains, hospitals and elderly health facilities, industrial lunches, and school lunches. We work with local producers to ensure a consistent quality and hygiene management system from cultivation to processing in order to provide safe and secure products.

      < Products >

      French fries, and leafy vegetables such as spinach, komatsuna, and bok choy, root vegetables such as taro, carrot, burdock, and lotus root, and fruit vegetables such as eggplant, okra, and pumpkin.

    • Marketing Service Team

      We purchase agricultural products in general domestically and from overseas, and we offer and provide ingredients to processed food manufacturers and mass retailers. Our business area is the entire country of Japan. We consistently assist in the development, production, and supply of PB brand commercialization and planned products, and fulfill customer requirements with a comprehensive lineup.

      < Products >

      Frozen vegetables (potatoes, corn, broccoli, green beans, taro, okra, shimeji mushroms, asparagus, green soybeans, spinach, and others), fresh vegetables (onions, carrots, cabbage, burdock, etc.), dried vegetables (potato flakes, shiitake powder, and others), boiled vegetables (shimeji mushrooms, lotus root, and others), processed products (paste, purée, fries, sweets), and others.

      Click here for the frozen vegetable and fruit catalog
  • Agribusiness Division

    Meat Group

    We deliver livestock products such as poultry, pork, and beef that meet your needs,
    from all over the world.

    The meet group mainly sells imported meat. If we have a request from a business partner to deliver local chicken, we also have connections with domestic businesses that handle domestic chicken. We draw on the needs of each domestic supplier to deliver products that satisfy you by communicating closely with production sites around the world.

    • Product Marketing Team

      We sell various frozen chicken raw materials and chicken processed products produced and processed in various countries around the world, mainly in the United States, Brazil, Thailand, and China, as well as pork produced in Spain and Brazil. We respond to livestock diseases such as bird flu and swine fever by diversifying the procurement sources to provide stable supply of high-quality products. Furthermore, we focus on processed products that are easy to differentiate from other companies by adding unique added value to raw materials.

      < Products >

      Chicken (leg meat, leg meat fillet, chicken wings, soft bones), chicken processed products (fried, yakitori, sausage), pork (bone-less short rib, pork loin, and others)

  • Agribusiness Division

    Agri & Meat Import Group

    Bridging overseas business partners and sales, bringing agricultural and livestock products
    from all over the world to dining tables all across Japan.

    The agri & meat import group is the overseas procurement department of the Agriculture and Livestock Business Headquarters. We are responsible for purchasing vegetables, fruit, and livestock from all over the world. We are at the forefront of procurement, handling negotiations and contracts, information collection, and confirmation from shipping to customs clearance, quality control, and others.

    • Agri & Meat Import Team

      We are responsible for importing frozen vegetables, fruit, meat, fresh vegetables, and others. We source vegetables from China, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and frozen livestock from Brazil, Europe, Thailand, and the United States. Furthermore, frozen vegetables require a high level of hygiene and quality control, so we thoroughly collect local information, manage production, and manage the use of pesticides.

      < Products >

      Frozen and fresh vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen livestock (poultry, beef, pork)

  • Export Division

    Export Group

    We deliver high-quality healthy "Japanese food" to countries
    around the world using our many years of experience and know-how.

    Japanese food is valued worldwide for its high quality as healthy food. With know-how cultivated over 40 years of experience, the export group also supports small-volume and multi-variety orders under country-specific regulations. We are also actively involved in conducting research on overseas expansion as well as planning and drafting new businesses, such as overseas investments and partnerships with overseas companies.

    • EURO/America Team

      We export and sell Japanese food such as imitation crab sticks (kanikama), Japanese rolled omelets, and tuna products to subsidiaries and importers in Europe and the United States, thereby expanding new possibilities for Japanese food. In the future, our goal is to expand export sales of Japanese ingredients and processed products made in Japan, as well made overseas.

      < Products >

      Yellowtail fillet, imitation crab sticks (kanikama), Japanese rolled omelets, boiled octopus, vinegared mackerel, tuna products, soft shell crab, cuttlefish, wakame seaweed products, fish roe products, beverages, sauces and others

    • Asia Team

      Our main markets are Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. To meet the needs of Asian customers, we offer excellent Japanese products, mainly sushi materials to spread Japanese food culture. The Asian market is changing rapidly, so we are deepening our relationships while making innovations that will not bore our customers, such as proposing new products.

      < Products >

      Tuna, scallops, yellowtail fillet, soy marinated salmon roe, seasoned octopus with wasabi, wagyu beef, hamburger steak and other processed meat products, frozen sweets, frozen vegetables, sweets, mackerel, sardines, cod, flounder, and other fish raw materials

    • Export Promotion Team

      We propose Japanese food to Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa, and purchase and sell it. We build relationships by providing a stable supply of standard products for the local Japanese food market and by proposing products that meet local needs. For Africa, we are committed to expanding exports by keeping in close contact with producers so that mackerel processed and consumed locally can be provided at local prices.

      < Products >

      Seafood and processed seafood products: scallops, yellowtail, squid, octopus, fish roe products (salmon roe, tobiko, masago), oysters, mackerel, sardines, and others
      General frozen foods: Udon, ramen, croquettes, other fried products, rolled omelet products, ice cream, Japanese sweets, Western sweets, desserts in general

  • Export Division

    Sales Promotion Group

    We are conducting various sales promotion
    for the expansion of the KOHYO Group's business all for the future.

    We have contributed in various ways while changing the name of the department in the sales promotion group, in order to expand the business of the KOHYO Group.

    • Fish Meal & Fertilizer Team

      We sell fishmeal for feed and raw materials for fertilizers produced in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and others to Japan and overseas. One area we are currently focusing on is our efforts to utilize food processing residues generated in Japan as feed for livestock. The important thing is to grasp the correct market price as soon as possible. We aim for a small and convenient procurement cycle that is beyond the reach of major companies while communicating closely with our customers and suppliers.

      < Products >

      For feed (fish meal, krill meal, shrimp meal, fish oil, seaweed meal, brewers grain), fertilizer (fish meal, tuna bone meal, kapok oil seeds, fish soluble), other (fish as bait for aquaculture and long line fishing), sprout seeds (broccoli, kang kong, okra), food processing residues generated in Japan

    • Wine & Beverage Team

      We import still wines, sparkling wines, and dealcoholized wines from major producing countries, and sell them to hotels and restaurants, mass retailers, department stores, and online stores nationwide through wholesalers. We pioneered the introduction of the low-cost wine series, our main products ahead of other companies, and also imported premium wines and organic wines. We also develop original products and private brands to respond quickly to our customers' needs by thinking outside the box.

      < Products >

      Wine regions (France, Italy, USA, Chile, Spain, Portugal), dealcoholized wines

    • EC Promotion Team

      We collaborate with each of the company's raw material supply teams and KOHYO Group companies to develop and sell products specifically for mail-order distributors that focus on e-commerce. We aim to become a team that can respond to customer needs by leveraging KOHYO’s strengths in the supply of raw materials and serving as a bridge between the raw materials team and consumers.

  • Tokyo Office

    A sales base in Japan
    that has an eye on the future for KOHYO
    while building a relationship of trust with customers.

    A sales base in Japan that envisions the future of KOHYO while communicating closely with business partners such as restaurant chains, mass retailers, eateries, and retail stores. We propose where and how our products are used, from quality control to product specifications, delivery forms, seasonality, and trends.

    • Mass Retailer Team

      We sell seafood in general to mass retailers and fresh fish specialty stores in the Kanto area. We have held meetings with buyers and are moving forward with product proposals and product development in line with consumer needs. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for frozen seafood has expanded, and in recent years we have been focusing on frozen commercial products.

      < Products >

      General seafood (raw materials and processed products)

    • Seafood Team

      We sell seafood for raw consumption and seafood that require heat-cooking to the restaurant industry (family restaurants, Izakaya, conveyor-belt sushi restaurants and others) in the Kanto region and north of the Kanto region. By negotiating directly with customers, we are moving forward with product proposals and product development in line with their needs.

      < Products >

      Seafood products for raw consumption (various sushi fish, fillet products that can be consumed raw, and others), seafood products that require heat-cooking (various frozen fish fillet and slice cuts, squid, shrimp, seafood for Tempura, and others)

    • Agrifood Team

      We sell agricultural processed products mainly based on imported products from our headquarters to restaurant chains based in the Kanto region and frozen/prepared food manufacturers. We conduct regular interviews with each buyer for restaurants and business partner, and we are also advancing product proposals and product development to meet customer needs while utilizing domestic and international networks. We also sell directly to overseas manufacturers.

      < Products >

      All processed agricultural products, including frozen vegetables and frozen fruit