From the bountiful oceans and lands, we bring both delicious food and a comforting sense of security to your table.


  • 2023.11.01

    We've updated our website.


We are taking a new step toward becoming
a full-spec general food trading company that can respond to the needs
ranging from raw food materials to final products
by adopting a multi-functional, multi-location, and diversified approach.
Our mission is to enrich people's hearts and society through food,
and as a general food trading company,
we aim to improve our corporate value as a group.


Our Business

KOHYO, which started as a seafood import trading company,
has continued to develop as a "general food trading company".
Its strength is in its extensive network that reaches around the world.

  • We import and sell seafood from all over the world through our own network.

    Seafood Business

  • We import and sell safe and secure agricultural and livestock products in cooperation with production sites in various countries.

    Agriculture and
    Livestock Business

  • We export and sell food products that meet their needs to countries around the world.

    Export Business

Group Companies

We are strengthening our business and moving forward to become a general food trading company with group companies in Japan and overseas, in line with our changing society.